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Walking On Water Living has guided men and women in all seasons of life to walk in their identity, whomever searches for depth of who they are. Whether they are living healthy and want to go into deeper responsive living or unhealthy wanting to get healing and freedom from past bondages. WOW Living is a place where people can and have found community and support. Moving from the lies about their identity, into the beauty of their unique and individuality.

     WOW Living seeks to meet people where they are at and connect at the level that brings safety and trust. We aim to build whole relationships in marriage and families and giving them the tools for healthy communication and perspective.

     What makes Walking On Water Living unique is how we teach and equip to be connected heart, mind, body and spirit. WOW Living unique incorporates touch as a tool in teaching to be body aware and connect physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

     WOW Living provides communication workshops, speakers for lead corporate and business team builders, and retreats or conferences.

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