Joan Roy

Joan works with young adults with disabilities to partner with them and foster their independence.

Joan has experience in education, communication, and conflict resolution. Joan values privacy and confidentiality. She is trained to recognize abuse and neglect. And report to the proper channels and proper authorities if necessary. Joan is qualified in the standard threat response protocol: when to evacuate, run, hide, or fight.

Her knowledge encompasses child growth and development, health, and nutrition, as well as infectious disease precautions. Joan is trained as a support assistant for body awareness.

Joan’s certifications include: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention through the Crisis Prevention Institute, Adult and Child First Aid, CPR from the American Red Cross, and Transportation Safety through the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Joan excels at teaching practical, independent living skills. And enjoys her ongoing coaching training with Walking On Water Living.

In her spare time, Joan delights in connecting with friends and family. She spends time exploring nature, and hiking trails, nurturing her violets, raising her rabbits, and loving the personalities of her dogs.

Joan is a lifelong learner. She discovers joy in the simple pleasures of life. Since benefitting from Life Coaching with Walking on Water Living, Joan seeks to assist others on their life journey. She mentors her clients, increasing their and guiding them to a better lifestyle. Joan exhorts them to live with compassion for themselves and others. She desires to see her clients grow in living beyond their circumstances.

Joan enjoys meeting people where they are and guiding them on their life’s journey.