This journey is not just about self-discovery. It’s about finding a hidden treasure that enriches everything around you—your relationships, your sense of purpose, and your overall well-being.


Do you feel trampled by life, confined by your circumstances, or limited by the illusion of who you are or should be?

A Walking On Water Living Coach helps you transcend those restraints and move toward joy, contentment, resiliency, and authenticity.

Life can, at times, feel like a mirage of reality, where you must navigate through a haze of societal pressures, expectations, past pain, and self-doubt. This mirage can obscure the true essence of who you are—your authentic self. A skilled coach acts as a beacon in the storm, illuminating the way toward self-discovery, to unveil the remarkable person hidden in the shadows.

When you work with a coach, you embark on a journey of self-realization to shed layers of inauthenticity and hardship to step into the light of your genuine, happy self.


One of the greatest values of a WOW Living Coach is their ability to provide a safe and nonjudgmental space for self-exploration. Through reflective conversations, planning and goal setting, practical tools, and personalized guidance, we assist you in identifying and dismantling the barriers and false beliefs that have limited you.

You learn how to replace reactive living with responsive living.

By nurturing a fresh sense of self-acceptance, a coach empowers you to build a toolkit to liberate yourself from past trauma, constraining expectations, and limiting beliefs, to reclaim your true essence and contentment.


A trusted, experienced guide helps you to align your core values and passions and uncover a fresh sense of purpose and fulfillment for lasting change. This liberation not only enriches your personal life but also sheds new light on your relationships, mission in life, and overall well-being.

In essence, a coach dedicated to unveiling the remarkable person within plays a pivotal role in helping you rediscover your true self, and leads you toward a life filled with authenticity, joy, and boundless possibilities. Through this process you not only discover your true potential, but also develop the resilience and self-awareness needed to navigate life’s challenges with optimism and joy.

It would be our honor to walk with you.

Coaching by valerie rodgers

Valerie Rodgers

Coaching by amy smith

Amy Smith

Coaching by guy rodgers

Guy Rodgers

Coaching by joan roy

Joan Roy

Coaching by deborah eve warner

Deborah Eve Warner