Valerie Rodgers


Valerie Rodgers

Meet Valerie. Your Guide to Joyful Authenticity

Valerie is all about coaching men, women and children to develop their true selves and uncover joy. But her incredible journey to this calling was anything but ordinary.

Born in Colorado but growing up in California, Valerie went through trials and turmoil in her life. Raised in a challenging family environment, she sensed there was life beyond the violence and abuse, so she left home as a teenager. She found independence and safety, but embarked on a rocky path that for many years threatened to crush her into a distant, hard, angry person.

Spoiler: It did the opposite.

The twists and turns of life lead Valerie to a meeting with her biological father who had left home when she was just three years old. This reunion ignited a new sense of energy and empowerment in Valerie that would begin to shape her life’s purpose.

Valerie’s mission now is clear: to coach others to take steps to discover the joy and authenticity available to them. Her coaching is to have you unveil the remarkable person you haven’t met yet. To move beyond the circumstances and experiences from the mirage of the reality of self, to one’s authentic self. It’s about unveiling the remarkable person that hasn’t been brought to the light.

Valerie helps people rethink and move beyond reactive living and past wounds. And trains and equips everyone to discover options and their better-than-imagined, authentic self and to rise above the storms and chaos.

For over twenty years she has been honored to guide her clients through life’s challenges, to help them break free from self-doubt, fear, pain, and patterns of the past. Knowing firsthand how drastically life can change for the better has fueled her passion to coach and lead coaches.

Valerie believes joy can be found when and where you least expect it. Even in the midst of the trial of the hardships of life.

Valerie’s life bears witness to the proof that joy can be found in the midst of monumental challenges. She has experienced this walk, and longs for others to know this peace. She found joy even in the hardship of the loss of her 40-year-old daughter in 2020.

One of Valerie’s greatest joys is her family–her four children, the children she fostered, and her husband, Guy Rogers. They share their love and life teaching workshops together as a couple.

“I feel so privileged to get to do what I do.” Valerie