I have used several different services from Valerie from myokinesthetic body work and massage, to coaching strategies. The thing that always stands out is her willingness to help, her compassion and her ability to convey simple to use strategies to help me improve my communication, goal setting and self awareness.


If you are struggling to find your purpose, if you’d like to improve your communication or goal setting or if you simply want to bring more meaning to your day to day, I believe she can be a great asset.”

– Robert Birch, Parker CO

“When we bought additional stores and added to our staff, our biggest concern was making sure our staff felt supported, understood and important. Valerie was able to bring our entire team together to help coach them on how to better understand each other and our customers. Communication is such an important part of our business and personal success. She teaches everyone how to speak to and understand others, she also helps each person set goals and tries to connect on a personal level with everyone. Working with such a large group is not an easy task and I commend her on being able to adapt to different situations and making the coaching environment fun.

– Kimberly Gabel, The UPS Store, Parker CO

“When I first came to Valerie, I was in rough shape – emotionally and physically. She was able to identify the source of my troubles and equip me with the tools to overcome them. I owe my new quality of life to WOW Living.”

– Danette Lucarini, Parker CO

If it weren’t for Valerie’s intervention and continuing care, I would no longer be married to my wife (and that would be tragic). I cannot praise WOW Living enough for facilitating a miracle in our lives.”

– Kyle Reeves, Cheyenne WY

“I wasn’t sure how to handle my PTSD abuse, and feelings of abandonment; through regular sessions, Valerie gently guided me to a place of safety, self-discovery, and renewal. I am doing so much better now.”

– Kyra R., Sterling CO

“After a bad accident, I have begun to find healing in more areas than I anticipated. Valerie has a true heart for meeting people where they are in their pain whether physical, emotional, or spiritually. “

– Jene’t Irons, Parker CO

“Walking on Water helped save my marriage. After 27 years of marriage and raising 5 children, my wife had come to her end. She wanted to end our life together. With insight from my Lord, I found that it was time to look at and evaluate my own life. With my eyes being opened by the Lord, and guidance from Valerie, I learned how to connect heart, mind, soul and my spirit with the Holy Spirit. The peace and comfort I received by attending this ministry was key in my ability to understand who I am as prescribed by my creator. I became aware of how my life was influenced by friends and family when growing up and my early adult life experiences. This ministry and my connection with Jesus gave me the patience to endure a 5-year rewarding experience of hope, faith and perseverance. With the help of Valerie, I can say that my marriage has survived and is on more solid ground than ever. This year I will be celebrating 33 years of marriage to the woman I love, and the one God gave me. Without Valerie, I don’t think I would be writing such a declaration.”

– Wayne, Elizabeth CO

“I would recommend WOW living for Life Coaching. My daughter and I have been doing life coaching now for almost a year. I have seen amazing things with my daughter who was a cutter. She has been free of cutting for 10 months. Before finding WOW Living, we had done counseling for 10 years. We have seen more results this year than anything else we have tried. For us,  faith has been the key point for our healing. Amazing things began happening with the body when one adds Jesus, prayer, faith, and truth. Life coaching with WOW Living has been wonderful as a single mom. I now have the ability to receive sound advice for
parenting my teenage daughter. Life coaching has given mw a plan to stay the course and create a healthy home and boundaries. This has been wonderful. Also, Life Coaching has helped me to grow my business. I now strive to use finances in a Godly way, and honoring Him has been a blessing.”

– Dixie, Elizabeth CO

“WOW Living has been a large part of my healing for many years. I have struggled with chronic illness for most of my life. I have faced many life challenges and limitations. WOW Living walks along side of you, encourages, equips, listens, and believes the impossible. I can say that my life would not be where it is today without the tools and the healthy relationships I have now. I am now walking in freedom that I never thought I would see again.”

– Elizabeth, Falcon CO

“WOW Living has been a life changer for me. I was in a deep depression and had no idea what to do with my life. I was not connecting with my family and I did not like myself. Through life coaching, I have been able to conquer depression. My marriage is the healthiest it has ever been in 17 years. My 2 sons and I have a strong relationship. I look forward to getting up every morning and I continue to improve my lifestyle. I do not know where I would be today if it was not for the tools that WOW Living teaches and the relationships that are built. I strongly recommend WOW Living to anyone that wants to have a more joy filled life.”

– Steve, Falcon CO